30 by 30

So our internal network is down at work right now, and I’m bored, and I’ve been thinking a lot about the things I am doing with my life, and the things I’d like to be doing. A couple of years ago I compiled a list of things to do by 30, per Keri Smith’s list, and so instead of finding productive things to do, I updated my list. I’m also making a less serious and more fun list of 25 things to do in my 25th year – with my birthday coming up in January, I think I have time to plan. 🙂 So, without further ado:

30 by 30
1. spend a summer abroad.
2. go to morocco.
3. spend a week in paris in the springtime.
4. take a vacation on each coast
5. see a show on broadway.

6. finish (or start, for that matter) graduate school.
7. read don quixote.
8. learn spanish.
9. have something published.
10. learn arabic.

Goals with tangible results:
11. finish the quilt grandma and i started when i was 10.
12. have a successful vegetable garden.
13. knit socks.
14. paint a room red.
15. develop a “signature” dish or menu.

16. go camping and keep my freaking out to a minimum.
17. follow a band on tour (again).
18. win at pub quiz.
19. stay out clubbing til the sun comes up.
20. attend a “black tie” event.

Personal ‘improvement’:
21. build a fun yet professional wardrobe.
22. get some sort of computer certification.
23. build credit.
24. learn to live on a budget.
25. join a gym (and go regularly).

Defying easy categorization:
26. fall in love.
27. win an award.
28. have a well-stocked wine cellar.
29. perform music in some sort of live setting (not karaoke).
30. have a child.

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0 thoughts on “30 by 30

  1. re:#25, working out at gyms is sooooo yesterday. i say join up with gold’s, show up in some sexy lycra one piece and a colorful pair of new balance, plop your gym bag (full of books and candy) down at the foot of the bar, order a big protein dietary wheat germ alfalfa powder smoothie, chit-chat with workers who always look like they’re busy (it’s mostly nerves from the steroids), check out hotties at the bench press, stretch, then go home.

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  2. Love it. I saw a comedian on tv that wanted to go to a gym, get on the tredmill and light up a smoke. If I keep having days like the last few, I think I’ll try it. I swear I was at my best when I danced all night and my diet consisted of pop tarts and beer.

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