right now

This article says a lot of what I’m thinking and feeling. I’m frustrated by the incredible divide that makes talking about politics or “the issues” with my family difficult – and nearly impossible for some of my friends and their families. I feel like my hands are tied, and I don’t know where to start. Moving to Canada was half-seriously suggested to me by my uncle, and I immediately rejected the suggestion because running away would mean accepting defeat. I want to make change happen. I just don’t know where to start.

I’m just – distracted these days, I guess. I’m trying to work on my novel, but it just isn’t coming. I can’t get behind the story, and even making it more personal isn’t helping. I sit here in front of the laptop and just – stare until I get distracted by the TV or my email or my own exhaustion. Saturday afternoon I nearly tossed the entire thing to start over – I’m feeling that way again tonight. Week Three’s supposed to be the really bad one, but the NaNo doldrums are hitting me early this year.

As of right now I am officially off work until Thursday, which is an amazing feeling after working six weeks straight. I’m heading home for a couple of days – a whirlwind trip with nearly every minute planned out, but it’ll be a nice change of scenery. I get to see Ludo tomorrow night in Madison – the last show of their fall tour – and will get to spend quality time with my family – my sister in particular.

I don’t know. I feel – more grown up right now than I have in a long time. And that’s kind of odd. Much love to all – I’ll be back in a few days.


0 thoughts on “right now

  1. i’m torn between moving to canada, a neutral safe peaceful nation, or to my guess at the next global imperial power, china. better learn mandarin just in case…

    (have loads of fun back home! it may be the spark you need for your prose.)


  2. the article is on over-simplification. Defining voters who voted republican as ignorant religious zealots is really just an act of running away from what is wrong with the democratic party. Republicans make the same mistake when they define democratic voters as immoral bedwetting liberals. There are blue and red states only because we have two choices. More choices, more parties, and these arguments of trying to divide America into 2 classes (the dumb ignorant religious zealot, and the enlightened liberal democrat) would fade into the ether.

    the American voter is really more complex than a two party system,. The American voter is not either one stereotype or another.

    It’s not the End Of Life As You Know It. When you look at both parties and their platforms, you see a lot of similarities. Both are against gay marriage. Both are for big government. Both are for the Iraq War. Both parties receive money from the same corporations. Since their bread is buttered by the same people, what true differences can there be?

    I find all this political idealism amusing, but the cynical reality is that the parameters of debate have been limited and defined by a two party system.


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