0 thoughts on “because it is bitter, and because it is my heart

  1. I don’t know. There isn’t anything we can do to change it, so I’m for making the most of it. Which doesn’t mean just rolling over and accepting that Bush is president and he and his Republican congress can do what they will for the next four years. I think we all need to band together to fight the ugly changes he’s going to try to push through. I don’t know what else to do.


  2. kerry will go back to using his chin to crack walnuts, boulders, etc.

    we should all volunteer a few hours of our time to keep the current supreme court justices happy, healthy, and preoccupied. otherwise, bush will make his “dred scott” appointment(s) and gay men, women who want abortion choice, middle-easterners, and minorities will flock to myanmar (or is it burma?).


  3. At least there’s no Bush III to continue the dynasty. We need to hold the president’s feet to the fire for all the big talk. Keep vocal about the issues at hand. The beauty of the system is the checks and balances. Be aware. Beware.


  4. jeb in 2008 is possible, but rove may just be clever enough to wait until 2012 to install the next bush. if we learned one thing about republicans in the 90’s, it’s that they’re willing to take one on the chin intentionally (why else would dole have gotten the nod in 96?) in order to guarantee later victory. calculating, huh?


  5. Off topic—Just noticed you were listening to the new Hem album. Did you ever hear the first one (“Rabbit Songs”)? Makes my ears melt… in a good way.


  6. Now that Kerry lost we can work for real change. As a leftist I’m not happy that Bush won, but Kerry definitely wouldn’t have made me happy. The fact that Kerry conceded makes me think that he would have been more of the same, and that surely isn’t a good thing. (For more on the election shenanigans check out http://www.gregpalast.com)

    As for the question, “What happens next?” I really don’t think much has changed. We still need to get involved with groups that are pushing for real change. Get involved locally. If there isn’t a group that suits your needs you should conisder starting one.


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