21 Things I Want In A Lover

after Alanis

1. Do you have a healthy relationship with your parents and siblings?
2. Are you polite and kind to waiters/waitresses?
3. Do you smell nice (or at least memorable in a good way)?
4. Are you secretly an asshole in disguise?
5. Do you read works of substance (more than the sports page) regularly?
6. Can you spend an afternoon being quiet without getting uncomfortable?
7. Do you have a healthy appetite for the ridiculous?
8. Are you honest and faithful?
9. Have you had enough life to learn what you’re really looking for?
10. Is education important to you?
11. Can you be ready to leave the house in under ten minutes?
12. Do you enjoy both really good and really terrible music?
13. Can you imagine a future beyond the end of the week?
14. Do you possess both a boundless optimism and a heavy sarcastic tone?
15. Will you talk about what you’re really thinking, even if it’s horrendously shallow and silly or deep as the ocean?
16. Do you have any desire to wander the world?
17. Can you understand the difference between privacy and secrecy, and manage the former without treading into the latter?
18. Do you drink coffee?
19. Are you uninhibited in bed?
20. …more than three times a day?
21. Do you have a faith?

These are 21 things that I want in a lover
Not necessarily needs but qualities that I prefer
I figure I can describe it since I have a choice in the matter
These are 21 things I choose to choose in a lover

0 thoughts on “21 Things I Want In A Lover

  1. #11 is by far my favorite. i think you can expand it to: can you be ready to leave the country in under ten days–especially important for us arab immigrants.

    i love the polite hedging of #3 because if by chance you happen to smell like grilled aubergines or rubber, then you’re still potentially in the race.

    lastly, i think #2 is one of the most underestimated qualities in people. treating those in the service industries like shit always, i think, translates into treating your partner like shit.

    well done!


  2. i concur (and i would steal, but since i have a fiance, he might be upset if he isn’t all 21 of the things i want. 🙂 i imagine he probably is, but could be risky. *grin*)


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