a lake of sorrow

Tonight I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t find the rhythm of my breath. I couldn’t find my body’s center. Sara talked about practitioners believing that they have a lake in their mind, and that the energy of yoga purifies that lake at the core of us. Tonight it was like that core of me was just. profoundly. sad. I would get close to the rhythm, and then this wave of emotion would overwhelm me. I felt like I had to choose between good practice and getting lost in emotion, or half-assed practice and keeping things in check. I chose the latter. I might have to go to class on Saturday to make up for this. My body’s not happy with me, nor I with it. I suppose at least the feeling is mutual?

0 thoughts on “a lake of sorrow

  1. to assume that there is a center is to assume that there can be a separation from it. Our conceptions of “this, that, and the other” fill us full of illusion and lead to disharmony within ourselves.


  2. hmm, i’m torn because i want to support/console/etc., but i also agree with jonathan (whoever you are). it’s awkward at best to look to nietzche for comfort, but he wrote ‘the center is everywhere; there is no center’. i do think we’re better off cosmically, corporeally, with his notion.

    at the very least, open yourself up to the possibility of many centers, some of which your body will undoubtedly come to eventually.

    if all else fails, try wilco’s ‘a ghost is born’. they are among the masters of rhythm.

    in case of emergency, don’t listen to an asshole like me who reads nietzche for fun!


  3. One thing Lora always stresses to us is the importance of not becoming too attached to the outcome of your practice. Somedays you will really be in the zone, other days you will barely be there, but what’s crucial is recognizing where you are at any given moment, accepting it, and moving on.


  4. Yeah, yoga is about practice. Some days you’ll be more on than others. Some days you just have cramps, or a lot on your mind, stress and busyness, or a range of emotions that are distracting. I think the most important thing is to just keep doing it. It helps to make my body move in those ways even if I don’t think my body is connected with my mind.


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