a lunch hour of randomness

In the last hour I:

  • delivered a phone to a woman from Freecycle.
  • saw a man wearing a bright yellow t-shirt which read:

    Back off, man! I’m a scientist.

  • got a chicken salad sandwich from Arby’s that by far exceeded my expectations.
  • rode an elevator with a guy holding a baby carrier. Upon second glance, the carrier was filled with sandwiches, not baby paraphrenalia. I complimented him on his good looking baby, and he replied “We’re so proud.”
  • saw someone riding a fucking Segway!
  • 0 thoughts on “a lunch hour of randomness

    1. That sounds like a bitchin’ t-shirt. If I were a scientist, that would be all I’d wear. I’d have one in every color of the rainbow. – Adrienne


    2. When we were at my friend Brad’s Lake house recently someone in a neighboring condo had a small motorbike – comically small – and a Segway – all weekend long these two random vehicles raced each other and sped around the wooden docs of the condo association driven by drunken weekend revelers – randomly humorous – like watching Shriners break in a new technology. If they’d had fezzes it would have been perfection.


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