today and the day after.

1. A big ol’ post on the book club page.
2. Breakfast on the patio at LePeep with my favorite boy.
3. Late-night battles with insomnia that didn’t see me really get to sleep until almost 6am, following an Ambien.
4. Some cat news – changing homes, changing plans – things seem to be working themselves out, but they’re still up in the air. Poor catballs. I bet they’re as tired of moving as I am.
5. Mentally thumbing through the IKEA catalog and getting ideas for the new apartment. Limited storage space = some interesting challenges.
6. Coffee, blogging, and fly-infestation at Green Street – it’s too nice outside to be in, but the flies are about to drive me there.

Tonight I’m headed to the fair with Sarah. Today marks ten years since we met – her family moved in next door, and after many years of praying for a female friend in the neighborhood, it seemed my prayers were answered. The whole gang of us neighborhood kids invited Sarah and her brother out for baseball (and, later, ice cream). I think she was a little overwhelmed. See last year’s post for more backstory. I’m so grateful for her presence in my life – I seriously wouldn’t have survived the last year, much less the last ten, without her.

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