hardcore workitude

A few things I’ve learned at and about work:

  • My health insurance is shit. I can only go to doctors that are “owned” by our hospital. I can only fill prescriptions written by doctors “owned” by our hospital. I can’t get in to see a specialist until I have a primary doctor (again, “owned” by our hospital), and even then it will take months. Oh, and my birth control isn’t covered.
  • Each day I have approximately one hour in which I want to throw things at the wall and just walk out. So far I’ve restrained myself and have instead gone for coffee. This will work out as long as I have $1.63 to spend on stress relief.
  • We park in the fairgrounds behind the hospital complex. Next week is the fair, so instead of parking near work and walking four blocks, we have to park at the mall – and not the one that’s close by, the one that is 5-10 minutes in the opposite direction for me. I will be taking the bus.
  • My coworker is really nice, but really, really, really fucking loud. Loud to the point where I can hear her laughing in the lobby. Loud to the point where automated voice-response numbers will pick up her voice rather than mine when the mouthpiece is against my face. I like her, but for fuck’s sake, it’s like she never learned about the “indoor voice”.
  • I feel bad checking my email at work, but for the amount of time that other people spend just fucking around, talking on the phone, repeating the same inane stories – really, I’m much more productive.
  • I can not do this for more than a year.OK, enough whinging. The couple of days have been decent – avoiding the heat whenever possible, reading a lot, spending quiet time with Shawn and girl time with Sarah and Hannah today at lunch. I thought about a rush trip home this weekend to see Diva Kate and to return the errant cat, but I’ve heard nothing from Kate, so Gambit will have to wait another few days. Mainly I’m just hoping for peace.
  • 0 thoughts on “hardcore workitude

    1. oh yeah, i totally know about the email and productivity thing. i worked with some people who could get nothing done all day. i could check my email every 15 minutes, walk around and chat with folks for 45 minutes, and still get twice as much done than my co-workers. no wonder they hired 3 people to replace me. i’m amazed at how many slow people there are out there…


    2. Nah, they’re not slow, they’re lazy. 🙂

      Lunch was lovely, love, and I’m sorry there are stupid things at work. But maybe if Michelle only hated it for a few months, and is ok with it now, then maybe things will get better. *hug* And if not, a year is a good time line to set.


    3. About your birth control not being covered… I believe a law was passed effective 1/1/04 that all health plans have to begin covering The Pill. But they don’t have to do so until their 2004 renewal date (Midland’s isn’t until November, although mine’s being covered by some strange fluke apparently). You should check with someone in Personnel.

      As far as the fact that you can only go to doctors “owned” by your hospital, that’s not at all surprising. That’s how most HMO’s work.


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