some such lite rockingness

Wow. Seriously, wow. If only we all had enough money to ridiculously spoil our pets.

In other news, I was not miraculously accepted to the English department. I’m in talks with my supervisor to see if taking classes as a non-degree student is a feasible option. If possible, I might take one class in the fall. It’s not much, it won’t count towards anything until I’m admitted, and it will cost money – but it’s something, a start, a way to keep my brain from turning into ice cream until I can actually get in somewhere.

Other stuff – working on a few reviews for the book club site. Getting incredibly fucking sick of “lite rock,” including terrible covers of otherwise good songs (see Shawn’s post on this subject from last week) (PS if you have any to add to that list, please comment here!). Tonight I have some things to do, but then I’m hoping for some quiet time with Shawn. I would say things seem to be calming down, but the last time I did that they exploded again. Perhaps the dull chaotic roar is the best I can hope for right now.

0 thoughts on “some such lite rockingness

  1. My favorite is the Scratching Swirl: “Cat furniture with a postmodern spiral shape and covered with sisal for scratching.” Because if there is one thing that I demand from something that exists only to be clawed to bits, it’s postmodern design.

    What kind of class would you want to take?


  2. That’s so great. I don’t even want to ridiculously spoil the cats, but I wouldn’t be cool unless my cats poop in a postmodern litter box. It’s only appropriate.


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