Last night I had a glimpse of a possibility I had ruled out.  Sarah emailed me as I was getting ready to leave for work to tell me that the English department was trying to reach me but had lost my file (thanks, guys, really makes me feel significant).  Of course my mind raced through a hundred possibilities as I walked through the park and stood behind the counter at work – classes in the fall, teaching, getting out of my job, moving forward, a reason to be here beyond my friendships and relationships.

What would I do if they called me today and said they could take me after all?  I don’t know.

0 thoughts on “possibility

  1. WOW!

    What do you mean what if they called you???? This is potentially fabulous… Crossing my fingers here for you SO HARD!!!


  2. Wow! I hope you hear from them soon, and I hope it’s good news. And don’t feel insignificant because they lost your file–those people would lose their butts if they weren’t sitting on them.


  3. I hope all these things for you, too, love — but just because they’d lose their heads if they weren’t attached doesn’t mean they’re not idiots.


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