Free and Fun

A couple of brief notes while I’m thinking about it:

Aroma now has free wireless. Not sure if it will always be free, but it is right now. So more reasons to come visit me at work!

We’re thinking about going to Jupiter’s Saturday night for pizza and pool. If you’d like to join us, gmail me.

I have a giant pile of novels and graphic novels on my table for my June reading frenzy. Any other suggestions of free fun things to do to keep my mind off the blues?

0 thoughts on “Free and Fun

  1. Go to the movies.

    Rent girly movies he wouldn’t like anyway.

    Get drunk on a week night.

    Go roller skating.

    Start a new blog.

    Buy In Touch, People, and Us Weekly every Friday.

    Go bathing suit shopping.

    Go bowling.

    Go to Barnes and Noble.

    Get a manicure.

    Get a pedicure.

    Color your hair.

    Go ice blocking: Go buy a big block of ice and sled on it down a hill.

    Buy a big sketch journal and a 64 pack of crayons and color.


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