Storms blowing through tonight. We went out for dinner and beat a fast retreat to the car as the black clouds rolled in and the heavy rain started to come down. By the time we were home, though, it had quieted down. There’s soft rain outside the window now, and trees down in the park. At least the humidity has abated.

Tired of my body being a worry. My cycle is all out of whack, but I’m trying not to stress it. Mainly I’ve been having trouble with food, and that really sucks. Tonight I spent a good hour curled up in pain. I go to the doctor on Thursday, and I’m going to see about changing my birth control. Neither of us really want to be parents any time soon.

It’s been a nice weekend, storms and pain notwithstanding. Friday night we were finally able to eat at Monkey, which was hella tasty. Someone had their dog with them on the patio, and the dog was definitely lusting after a martini. Picked up coffee at work (I felt bad because I took the weekend off but stopped in anyway), then watched Jungle Emperor Leo, which started out insanely cute but ended up just plain strange. Saturday we slept in, hung out, read on the porch, watched Return of the King (HOTT), then had pizza and played pool at Jupiter’s. I had a lot of fun, even though I’m miserably bad at pool. Might have to go there more often. Watched Scarlet Diva, which was crazy, and The Nightmare Before Christmas, which was adorable. Just lying together on the couch bed was sweet. I will be sad for the weekend to end.

So what’s coming up, now that I’ll be solo for a few weeks? Lots of work, and sleep, and work. BBQ tomorrow night with the kids before Shawn leaves. Jen is coming for the weekend. A bunch of us are going to see Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban on Friday. Amanda might come for a week or two. Sarah and Hannah and I are going to Rockford the following weekend. Missy is on her own with Mark gone, so hopefully we’ll spend time together. My last day at work is Friday – hoofuckingrah.

Right now, though, I’m going to go drink some tea and curl up with my boy. xo-e


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