the rhythm

It’s like every other day – busy, quiet, busy, quiet, busy. Long hours of nothing, then concentrated craziness. I don’t remember when I blogged last. Two days of doubles, followed by 24 and sleeping in with the boy. Short day, then insane cleaning and cooking for meat night – cranberry-orange chicken, sesame-garlic green beans, cucumber noodles, a salad with tomatoes and avocado, and milano cookies with mango and raspberry sorbet. Some American Idol, then a reluctant but sweet sleepover. I can’t help that I want him there with me every night. Lunch with Sarah at Murphy’s, then customers at half-hour intervals until the last, then screaming children and not-listening customers and a million and a half things to do. Party for Elizabeth Baldridge and Isabel – some familiar faces, mainly strangers. Tasty food though. A free dresser in the alley, and a few minutes of quiet on the couch, then home for the night. He leaves on Tuesday, and I’m doing fine. Or at least better than I expected. Must sleep.


0 thoughts on “the rhythm

  1. Thanks for doing the insane meat night cooking… it was SO tasty!! =) Enjoy the long weekend, I hope you have some quality R & R.


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