I worked with the label girl again tonight – I found out that she just finished her degree in dance performance, and will be auditioning for a company in Chicago next month. Her boyfriend, the one with whom she hung out all Saturday night, is an opera singer and was in tonight, translating Don Giovanni. Wow.

I almost got a new free love seat, except it started storming on the way home. So much for that item of free furniture.

Also finally connected with my sister on the phone tonight. She’s watching Wonderland, which we watched over the weekend. She’s talking about coming down in a week, which would be really nice.

When I said that I lack the promise of a future, I wasn’t exactly clear. It’s not that there isn’t a future – that this relationship has nowhere to go – I guess what I meant to say is that this relationship – this life – doesn’t have a planned future. I’ve always had a shady five year plan or one year plan – now I’m constantly kept guessing. We could have such a life together – but right now those things are only dreams, not necessarily something to wait for.

It’s late, and I should sleep. I have another day of double shifts ahead of me. S’OK, I can use the money. Definitely. It’ll just be late cos I’m going to Shawn’s to watch 24 after Aroma. I’m hoping I can finagle the morning off. We’ll see….


0 thoughts on “Addendum

  1. Re: your 5 year plan… Don’t underestimate the power of goal-setting! If you’ve found in the past that you didn’t stick to your goals, perhaps you were setting goals that someone else had FOR you? Your life most certainly has a future. The question is – will you let your future happen randomly or will you control your destiny?

    I wish I had a way to remove the pompous, lame tone of this comment – but you get the idea. I mean well =)


  2. Yay for finagling mornings off! Who was the girl you introduced me to last night, with the red hair? (Oh, and the epiphany drink was marvelous. Never even felt the alcohol, which is sort of dangerous. πŸ™‚

    As for having a five year plan or a one year plan or whatever: whoever posted before me is right, having goals is important. BUT: sometimes you have to just let things happen for a while, sometimes you have to wait for things to fall into place on their own. If you have a plan and are so focused on it, you might miss other wonderful opportunities that come along. Don’t forget, Shawn didn’t fit into your plan as it stood last summer.

    Besides, I have no plan, no idea where I’ll be in the fall or next year. πŸ™‚


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