Seen on the sidewalk on my walk home from work:



I’m not sure if those things were related, but they were in the same square of pavement. Weird town.

A night at work – shit for tips, and the girl I was working with spent 3 hours sitting at a table with her boyfriend making little labels for three perfectly good hand-written signs. I hate being the new person cos I feel like I don’t have any room to question other people’s behavior. Oh well, it’s not like I was really busy – but I would’ve liked a little while to sit down later in the evening.

A nice weekend so far. It’s late, I’m warm, and in a few minutes I’m going to head over to Shawn’s. Happy Saturday night, kids.

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  1. Interesting sidewalk comments…I had wondered what what’s-her-face was doing at that table all night. Sheesh. I wish you could have come back and hung out with us also, I was sad about that.

    When do you work this week?


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