It is impossibly gorgeous today. It is hottish, and sunny, and breezy. Apparently yesterday all the perfectly proportioned undergrads turned out to lie around in bikinis on the quad – Shawn said he wasn’t sure if he was at a Big 10 university – or a tanning salon. The extent of this wonderfulness that I get to experience, however, will be limited to the walk from my apartment to work tonight, as I’m working back-to-back shifts. Today’s the first day I’ve had to do that, so we’ll see how I survive. I’m thinking a lot of caffeine will be required.

Yesterday was pretty great too – well, at least once I got off work. Work wasn’t as hideous as it’s been, but my coworker mysteriously disappeared while I was on lunch – no one will tell me why she left, but I’m thinking they sent her home due to her new “extreme” hair color. Shawn came over and we drank our wine cooler margaritas in the park while watching a nebulous game of frisbee. Dinner at Farren’s, then home to watch Gosford Park, which was good, but a lot slower than I would’ve liked. Shawn spent the night, and I kept setting my alarm back this morning so I could spend more time curled up next to him. It’s been great sleeping weather, which may explain my lethargy the last few days. The morning went by pretty quickly – but I have five more hours at the bank, followed by six-and-a-half at the coffeeshop, so no rest in sight for me. *yawn*

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