Tonight turned out to be a lot better than I expected. Sarah called me after lunch to say that she got called in to work, and did I want her Rent ticket. Sure! So at the end of a long and shitty-shitty day, I joined Hannah and Amity for Thara Thai, then met Shawn for the show. It was really great, and I’m glad I went. I wish Sarah could’ve gone, though – I know the show has special meaning for her.

The weekend ended up pretty nice as well – I worked a hella long shift at Aroma with my boss, which was exhausting but good – left work at 12:30 and walked to Shawn’s, where he obliged my exhaustion and provided me with snacks and a backrub. We watched Punch-Drunk Love, which was odd and wonderful, then turned in and slept, soundly, until almost noon. Sunday was sleeping in and reading in bed, then more sleeping, and reading, and food from Sonic. We opted not to watch the earthquake monstrosity, and instead watched The Singing Detective, which was pretty terrific in and of itself.

So yeah, just some ups and downs the last couple of days. A bad hangover and lots of emotions, then a good but exhausting shift. A shitty day at work, then a nice night with friends and music and pie. Finding three grey hairs – the first in years – and getting a cute top in the mail. It all evens out in the end.

But right now my heart goes out to Russ’s family on the loss of their beloved sister, Mary. If you pray, think of them.

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