I always feel weird when I haven’t blogged in a few days – like so much should’ve happened, even though that’s rarely the case.

I started at Aroma on Wednesday – I think I’m going to like it a lot, time commitment notwithstanding. Free coffee and food while I’m working, and a discount when I’m not – a good deal to me! The people I worked with seemed pretty cool, and all the stuff from the days at Barnes & Noble are coming back (except the knock box is sooo much better than the one at the bookstore which ate Augie’s wedding ring). I did have to “steam” water, but that’s to be expected.

Yesterday was fine. Weird tension at work all day – people being really bitchy, but I managed to tune most of that out. I went to the dermatologist on my lunch break and got some stuff to help with my skin – let’s hope it works, it certainly cost enough. Ran home after work and took a quick shower, then met Shawn at Moonstruck for a while. Dinner with the kids at Cafe Luna, which was freaking great. If you’re looking for a place to take a date you’d like to impress, go to Cafe Luna. The food was wonderful and looked amazing – “a perfect blend of form and function,” according to Hannah. You’re definitely paying for quality rather than quantity, though, so next time I think we’ll try a bunch of things from the tapas menu rather than getting entrees. Either way, tasty. Back to my place for a while – it was freaking hot, and I blame the cats – then I crashed early.

sMother and Coo are coming tonight – I think we’re having dinner at Biaggi’s with Mark and maybe Melissa. Tomorrow I’m hoping the weather will hold so we can have lunch downtown – maybe at Cowboy Monkey. I’m half looking forward to Coo’s inane questions about why young people live in old houses and wondering if he’ll talk Shawn’s ear off about Legos. My parents really hoped that things would work out with my marriage, and I’m wondering if me being with Shawn is weird for them. I know they’ll love him, but it’s just a weird first step. I love him and want my family to know how important he is to me – but I don’t want to make them (or him) uncomfortable either. I’m still feeling out how much to include him in family things – fortunately it’s not as much of an issue with my family a couple of hours away – it’s just one of those things, you know?

Anyway, I’m off to lunch. Time to enjoy a few minutes of fresh air. I think I’ll have a sandwich with fresh mozzarella and tomato – yum.

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