What a freaking gorgeous day! Let’s set aside the fact that having a day off mid-week is a total waste of vacation time unless you’re doing something special – which I’m not – but beyond that, what could be wrong with this day? It’s sunny and breezy and just the right temperature, halfway between warm and cool. It feels like the perfect day to play hooky, to sit in the park with a cup of coffee and a book (which I intend to do later) or a friend. The only things that would improve this day would be someone to sit with and not having to work tonight. Unfortunately I do have to work tonight, but only for a few hours, and I do not have anyone to sit with today, as my friends are all in school.

So what am I doing with my day of leisure? I spent the night at Shawn’s after 24 watching and a Chinese buffet dinner. We were both a lot tired and a little delirious, and I was definitely bleary-eyed when I woke up this morning and drove him to school before coming home. Returned a few phone calls, made a doctor’s appointment (NO, Jen, it’s not what you think), then ran to the post office and over to Mark’s to pick up my Easter present from sMother – kitty charms for my bracelet, and more purloined hotel toiletries from L’Occitane. Yay for that.

And the rest of the day? It’s almost 1 – I think I’ll probably putter around here for a little bit in preparation for sMother’s visit this weekend – now that David doesn’t need to show my place, I haven’t been stressing things like putting away laundry or picking up dishes – then grab coffee and/or food somewhere and find a place to sit outside and read – the park, the quad, etc. I’m almost done with Balthazar and am trying to decide if I want to start Mountolive directly or take a break with Tropic of Cancer, which has been on the to-read list for quite some time. I’m already thinking longingly of the many weekends past when the boy and I would wake up together and read in bed (or on the couch or on the porch or in a coffeeshop) for half the day. I know I make it sound like I’m going to be working every waking minute of my weekends and that’s not the case – but exaggeration is fun, and I’m going to miss the extended leisure that has characterized the last six months.

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