Apparently Shawn’s computer thought it would be a good idea to restart, so I lost my blog post. Arr.

A nice quiet couple of days. Thursday night Shawn called me after his long day, and we went to Perkins for late-night randomness, including a salad-in-bread (Elijah’s dream) for me and pancakes AND a burger for Shawn (wow). It was what I needed, though – just to get out of the house and be with someone I love and spend time doing nothing.

Yesterday I just couldn’t wake up, even though I had stuff to do before work. Oh well. My interview at Health Alliance went well, I think. They’re supposed to get back to me in the next 7-10 days about a second interview – not sure which department, but it’ll be back-office financial stuff, or customer service. The position would start at $2 more per hour than I’m making now – a good, good thing. I’ll be sad to leave my friends and cool customers, but I just can’t do this job much longer. My friend Penny loves it – but I feel like each day there sucks out a little bit more of my soul. My only real concern is that I still owe $250 or so on my clothing purchase account – but I’ll figure it out.

Shawn stopped in to see me in the afternoon, which was really nice and left me with a warm smile on my face for the duration of my work day. Lots of randomness as is par for the course – Diana accused Binh of not being Asian, then was offended by what she said, then was offended because he wasn’t offended. I don’t know how these convos start, but there you go. Binh’s Asian, Diana felt chastised, and I got to go home at 4:30, which rocked. Took a long hot shower, then wandered over to Shawn’s and sat on the porch with him for a while. We made dinner and watched Spirited Away, which was crazy and really pretty. I passed out around 10:30, and Shawn stayed up later, playing with the book club page, which is now v. pretty and redesigned.

Slept in this morning, still fighting off a wicked bad headache from Friday afternoon, then had coffee and rearranged Shawn’s massive CD collection, which took 2+ hours and left me with very stiff joints from sitting cross-legged and half-dressed on the floor. I’ve done the rearranging for so many people – it’s one of the few organizational tasks that I really enjoy. Made me think of putting away all of Sarah and Hannah‘s CDs the weekend they moved, listening to Tea Party VERY loudly while Sarah and Lucky packed in the other room. I was such an emotional mess, but the routine of matching discs to their cases helped me keep straight for a bit. I finished Shopgirl, which was wonderful. I highly recommend it – you should also check out Shawn’s review on the book club page. I had this super great blog entry all done, and then the computer decided to say no. Oh well. Not sure the plans for the rest of the weekend – probably nice and quiet, then breakfast with Hannah in the morning.

Oh, and Aroma called and offered me the job, which I took. I start on Wednesday. Not sure how that will work out with a full time job too, but I’ll figure it out. I have a history of getting really stressed working two jobs, but I think I can tell when it’s getting to be too much. And yes, I did call Friar Tuck. I was v polite and thanked them for having me in, and the manager said it was a pleasure. So if you’re looking for a part time job and can lift 50 pounds over your head, you should apply there. Talk to Sam – he was v. nice.

Shawn is now sitting on my back, which I think means he needs his computer, so I will turn it over to him. Have a nice weekend!

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