OK By Myself

I’m feeling not-myself tonight, and I’m not entirely sure why. Yesterday was a gorgeous day of independence and doing things for myself and I guess I’m not used to that feeling – it’s a little unsettling. I think yesterday was one of the first days when I really felt OK with being by myself. I did things here, I went to dinner, I read, I had coffee, I walked, and I went to bed when it was time. Just small things that add up to a strange confidence that I’m not used to.

I’m featured in this month‘s Day 17. Pretty thrilled about that in a quiet way.

24 was pretty great tonight. I picked Shawn and Hannah up from the Union, dropped Hannah off at home, then went back to Shawn’s with some Taco Bell for dinner. Too bad they decided that I wanted meat instead of beans, instead of the other way around. Just chilled and watched tv while Shawn graded. I got Stitch’n Bitch in the mail yesterday and had fun reading it tonight – there are so many things I want to make! Came home a little while ago, and am now trying to convince my body that I need sleep. My circadian cycles have been weird lately – my friend Liz and her husband have got their sleep down to a science, so maybe I need to take a cue from them. Either way I should be off.

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