When it rains it….well, fuck.

I haven’t called Friar Tuck’s back. FT, by the way, is a giant liquor store. The consensus seems to be either take the job and then quit when something better comes along, or hedge appropriately and give it a few days.

In the meantime, however, I’ve gotten two phone calls. This is a red-letter day already, as I usually get about six phone calls in an entire week. Anyway, two phone calls. Both about jobs.

  • Call #1 was at 10:45, right before I went to lunch – Michael from Aroma calling to schedule an interview for tomorrow night. Wednesday, 7pm, be there or be square.
  • Call #2 was at 2:15 (but I just got the message) – Leslie from Health Alliance at Carle Clinic calling to schedule an interview for a CSR position that I forgot I applied for. I just left a message for her.
    Two bites in one day, plus the randomness that was the Fastest Interview Ever. Good times. Things are looking up!
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