OK, so I was offered the job at Friar Tuck. In under 10 minutes. Like, I got out of my car at 5:19, and was back in my car at 5:28. Good sign? Bad sign? To me it reeks of desperation – “oh, you have a pulse and can lift 50 pounds? you’re hired!” – but then what do I know. I was asked few if any of the usual questions – why do you want to work here – what’s your work experience like – tell me what you liked/didn’t like about X job – literally within four minutes of me sitting down, he had offered me the job. So yay, good for me, right? I told him I wanted to think about it – told him about my concerns with my car – and he said I should call him back by this morning and let him know.

But do I really want this job? There are some pluses – great discount on liquor, decent hours – and some minuses, namely that I’m not sure I want to work there in the first place, and I don’t want to have to rely on my unreliable car. Besides, I’m a little weirded out by the speed of this whole process. AND then last night I got an email from Aroma saying they would get ahold of me this week to set up an interview. And I’d so much rather work at Aroma – it’s closer to home, I really like it there, it’s more the sort of job I’m looking for, I wouldn’t have to go out and buy more clothes.

So do I take the job?
Do I take the job and quit if Aroma offers me a job as well?
Do I turn the job down cos I feel downright weird about all this?
Do I just get my head out of my arse?

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