Apparently there was a PETA protest this afternoon in which a girl painted up her naked body like a tiger and sat in a cage on the corner of Fifth and Green. Someone told me about this, but somehow I missed it. Damn.

Tonight was Meat Night. To answer Jen’s question, Meat Night is a night when friends gather to have, well, meat. It started out this fall when I moved to Champaign – we had Thursday night “family” dinners, but they were all veg to accomodate Hannah and others. So Sarah and Shawn and I started getting together on Tuesday nights to have various meat dishes. Meat Night has been moved to Wednesday to accomodate our obsessive 24 viewing, and much of the time Mark and Missy join us. Anyway, we had chili, cornbread, salad, and brownies. Everyone bitched about school, and the cats furred all in attendance. The kids went home an hour or two ago, and Shawn and I are just hanging out. My back is aching from leaning over the sink doing the dishes, and I’m tired. For some reason I’ve been not-tired at bedtime the last couple of days – like I’m tired earlier in the day, but when bedtime comes around I’m wide awake. So I suppose I should be thankful for the tired?

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