Holy crap, this is great. I know the voting is over, but it’s still freaking amazing.

I would be falling down at my job as a Ludo Ninja if I didn’t mention that Ludo is touring and generally rocking the house. I’m hella bummed that they’re not coming through Champaign – they’re going to be in Indianapolis, though, on 4/10/04. Too bad that’s the weekend we’re going to Indy to see Damien, and I just can’t afford two trips in one weekend. Boo. But go Ludo – come to town soon.

No Derrida last night – we were both sleepyish and instead spent most of the night on the couch. I read Paris to the Moon, and Shawn played Metroid. Pretty pretty game, that. We ordered pizza and generally rebelled against Mondays.

Today was cold and dreary and I felt very lady-who-lunches with my little green bag and my skirt with a slit and my Parisian umbrella. I played with my Delia’s wish list and was generally bored. Shawn met me at work – a nice surprise. Right now we’re watching 24 – no terrorist baby yet.

Oh, and a couple of fun things for people with more money than sense:
backpack coffee set
“smart” mug

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