Monday morning and I overslept, waking at 7:50 to the sounds of birds and traffic and springtime. It’s sunny and cool in my room, and my bed was perfectly warm and comfy. If he had been here, I don’t know if I could’ve gotten up on such a perfect morning. Even the cats, my squeaking crying pawing alarms, slept in this morning, in a tight little catball by the window. God, I love the in between seasons. I went to bed last night around midnight, not entirely tired, and called him, curled up in his soft warm sweater, hugging the bunny he gave me to my chest. We talked for just a few minutes, but it was sweet and let me go right to sleep.

But today will be crazy and I’m sure it’s off to a bad start already by the fact that my ass is on the couch instead of in the shower – but it’s gorgeous out, and I will make the best of it. Happy Monday?

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