It’s late, and I’m not tired, perhaps as a result of my weird sleep last night. I went back to bed and curled up with my boy and my bunny and got to sleep eventually. I was awake early, but stayed in bed late with him, just enjoying the cool breeze and the warm bed. The kids came over around noon, and we dyed Easter eggs, baked and iced cookies (the boys ate the dough), ate quiche, and got tipsy (except Hannah). The kids went home around 4, and Shawn left shortly after. I have cleaning to do, but I’ve been mainly bumming around. Break is over, and work will be crazy tomorrow. I’ve had such a sweet week-and-a-half, and knowing that I have a busy week ahead of me, followed by a weekend without him (we’re both heading out of town), is pretty sucky in comparison. But that’s alright. I’ll live. And tomorrow night we’ll go see the Derrida movie, and Tuesday there will be 24 (but what about the terrorist baby?!?!) and Wednesday will be meat night, and life will get back to normal. Hope your weekend was as lovely as mine.

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