A quick blog while I wait for my coffee to perk. It’s rainy here, and a cool breeze is blowing through my apartment. Lovely. Yesterday was a nice day – work was wicked boring and featured such boredom-busters as me climbing in the Sixth Street window to take down decorations while wearing a short skirt. No worries, I’ve done such things before in the Wonderland window – except there I always was on a ladder, not actually climbing into a little window box. It was entertaining, if nothing else, and Neil and I had fun speculating on what horrific things would go up next. Shawn was at my place when I got home – how nice it’s been to come home to him this week – and we hung out for a while, then went to the kids’ for dinner. They made chicken stuffed with feta and pesto, scalloped potatoes, and other tastiness. It was nice to just hang out – we haven’t all been in one place in a couple of weeks owing to schedules and such. Hannah was up for going out, so the four of us went to Nargile and smoked a hookah – and I finally figured out why I could never get mine to work. Now I just have to locate the charcoal. 🙂 It was a nice night and we felt like dancing – talked about summer plans – Sarah and I were accused of seeing everything through a Rockford filter – and we headed home around 11ish. Shawn spent the night, and that was wonderful as well.

And of course we see things through a Rockford filter – that is our common experience, and that is where I’ve spent almost the entirety of my adulthood. I’m sorry that filter excludes some – I’m sure everyone has their own sort of filter, be it their undergrad experience, their current grad school experience (don’t get me started), where they came from, etc. It’s just that we happen to have ten years of history together, which is a pretty fun filter in and of itself. That’s what best friends do. I guess we’re like people who always talk about living in New York or Chicago or some other big city – except not as cool, cos it’s Rockford. 🙂

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