nothing’s changing

It’s a beautiful night for me to be here
With my empty head
I should have stayed at home & watch the weather
It’s a wonderful night buts it’s a shame because there is an empty bed
I should have stayed at home
Till I got better
& nothings changing
The records scraping round and round
The people drive their cars to town
I ask the weatherman to sent a cloud my way
I ask the weatherman by Monday
I ask the weatherman
Damien‘s Juniper

Monday 11:40 a busy busy day already. Cherry tomatoes and free coffee for lunch, and I’m killing time. It’s cold today, and rainy. I slept in the hot-hot room with the windows open, the cool air on my skin stirring memories of things so distant. Listening to Damien is probably not the best thing to do when I’m already feeling tired and emotional and ruminative. I don’t want to go back to the office, having already been bitched out for something not my fault. We’re only to go to the back a couple of times a day, so when I ask if they can get me quarters when they’re already going, I get bitched out? Right. I could use some good news today.

Oh, this is wonderful fun. Thanks, Bayeux tapestry. 🙂 Also, Animals on the Underground. Mind the Gap!

Thanks for your words of encouragement, support, and love. It may be narcissistic and pathetic, but it’s nice to hear from you guys. I’ve looked for an outlet for a long time, and I think that blogging is it. Funny how that happens. I was never very good at keeping a journal – I like writing letters but don’t like not getting any in return or not having a record of what I’ve sent – I love reading – I try to write – but for some reason this format really, really works for me.

Ehh, back to work…


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