you really must check out jojo in the stars. it just won a bafta and is small and wonderful. also, an interview with marc craste, the creator, talking about jojo and the pica towers. i can’t wait to see the full length film.

a quiet night. met shawn at moonstruck after three-strikes-you’re-out attempts to sell the rings. bummed around, then waited for the proofreading person to show up – she was half an hour late, wanted me to look over another draft, then paid me half of what i’d asked for. her paper was fairly well written, so i couldn’t grudge her that, i guess. home, then chicken tarragon for dinner, followed by a nice hot bath. i took the boy home a little bit ago, and now i’m just winding down. tomorrow will be hellishly busy – tuesdays after mondays off always are – and i will be tired tired tired by the end of it. g’night, kids.


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