the food and the movies and the yeah

I can’t decide if this is utterly charming or disturbing – Vogue’s take on Alice in Wonderland. The idea at least is brilliant.

A nice quiet day. We’ve done nothing but lie around and eat and sleep and read. Joe and Hannah called earlier with a pressing Jay-Z question. It was nice to talk to him for a couple of minutes – Joe, not Jay-Z. Not sure the entire plan for the evening, but I believe it entails getting food and watching movies. We have a couple from Netflix, and apparently Lost in Translation is showing on campus somewhere, sometime. We’ll see.

Tonight is my work Christmas party (yes, we know it was a month ago), but I just didn’t feel like getting dressed up to go hang out with the people from work. I like them a lot, but I already spend 40 hours a week with them. Did I mention I got the first “Perfect Teller Cruiser” award yesterday? It’s a new award for quality customer service that they’re presenting on a monthly basis – I was the first one at our branch. My supervisor heavily commended me on my customer service – for the customers and for my coworkers. She also praised me for alllllll the stuff I’ve gotten done on my own, which is nice. I’m a fairly industrious and independent worker and it’s nice to get praise for things I’d do anyway. 🙂

Last night’s game night was fun, but disappointing in that Chris and Amity didn’t show. Hannah blew off Kory’s party to come play with us – we had homemade pizza and brownies in an impromptu Finding Nemo birthday party, courtesy of my mom. It felt very third grade-like. We played LOTR Trivial Pursuit and were v. silly. It was a lot of fun, though would’ve been even better if the rest of the kids had been able to come. Being in a new-ish relationship can be very insular – too bad there isn’t a better way to make your friends come out and play.

Now it’s back to reading – I’m reading For the Love of Books, which is proving to be quite wonderful. Shawn wrote a nice review of it on the book club site last weekish. Sarah also apparently really liked it. I had to start a must-read list as there are so many wonderful things I’ve missed. I’m really enjoying the informality – the way each contributor has his or her own voice – how we find out not only the works that are supposed to matter but also the ridiculous ones that only matter on an individual level. Anthony Lane, for example, cites Richard Scarry’s Busy Busy World as “a resourceful tour d’horizon whose cosmopolitan principles reverberate in my mind even now. I cling fast to the belief, for instance, that the benign theives of Paris invariably hide from the police in tureens of green soup, that the ghosts who float through Danish castles are obliged to wash their sheets in the laundry, and that the present unrest in Algeria could be peacefully solved by Couscous, the famous detective (“My! That Couscous is a clever fellow.”)” And I’m in love. 🙂

Off to figure out something for dinner – Shawn is trying to convince Gambit to go get us some sushi, but it just isn’t working. Boo to the cold and the having to get dressed to go outside.


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