Two reasons I love my laptop and network card:

1. Last night I talked to Shawn and Adrienne and Jen online while in the bath. No worries, I didn’t actually have the computer in the bath – it was on a kitchen chair next to the tub. I was warm and submerged to my waist in water, but my arms and hands were high and dry. A while ago I said the ultimate thing would be to have a computer in the bath – my two greatest addictions – and now I can have them both. Muahahaha.

2. Right now I’m blogging from Za’s. I know the wireless network thingie isn’t a novelty to, well, anyone – but it’s pretty damned thrilling for me, now that I’ve gotten it to work. I just had tasty fettucine with mushrooms, garlic, artichokes, and black olives in a cream white wine sauce, garlic bread, and a soda, and now I’m sitting by the window, watching the students walk by in the slushy snow. I know I said I was going to come home for lunch more, but today I just didn’t have time to pack a lunch. I’m thinking there will be lots of lunches at Green St or Moonstruck – perhaps a covert sandwich along with coffee and free free internet.

Ah well, back to work. Hooray for rocking internet, boo for worky-work. Oh well.

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