Will this day ever fucking end? I am exhausted and in a lousy mood. I sold $94,000.00 to the vault today, only to discover my drawer was off by $240.00 – so we had to recount the whole goddamned thing. My hands are filthy, and I’ve washed them three times. I was by myself today, Jake having gone to just weekends and a replacement being nonexistent, and while it wasn’t as bad as yesterday, it was still hellaciously busy and lame-o. By 5:00 I just wanted to get out of there – get out of there and come home to a hot cup of tea and someone who wanted to hear about my day, even if it was just “it’s a crap day, I don’t want to talk about it.” Instead I came home to a too-warm living room, a too-cold bedroom, and cats who have decided that their mission in life is to cover the world in fur. Bah. But the boy just popped online and I guess we’re going for coffee, so that’ll be nice. I think I need to designate something fun to do on Wednesdays cos I’m usually fed up by this time of the week.

The State of the Union address – whew. Bush and his speech writers (well, mainly the writers) came up with some quality logic/reasoning there. They manage to present things that sound really good, yet completely subvert all logic. Like, we’re for conservation and reducing our dependency on foreign oil, but what we really mean is that we’re going to start drilling in Alaska whether you like it or not. We’re pro-education, yet it’s more important to distribute $30 million (was that the figure?) for drug testing than to contribute to higher education. I thought the tone of the speech was really good – until he got on the “family values” tangent. It’s OK to help out convicts, but damn the gay couples who want their unions recognized? What the fuck? I’m not militant about these things, but that part of the speech was enough to put me off Bush altogether (if the last three years hadn’t already done enough). At least he didn’t dwell on the “spider hole.”

Maybe the best part of the whole broadcast, however, was when Tom Brokaw was talking to Jon Stewart, who shook his fist at the camera and said “OH YOU, BROKAW.” I heart Jon Stewart. He should run for president. Really.

So I don’t know who gets my vote. I was leaning towards Dean at the beginning of the election, but both Clark and Kerry are looking better. The problem is finding a balance between a leader who will be a strong leader, who shares my views on the things that are important, and who actually has a chance of winning. And then I have to decide for myself which things are more important.

In better news, I started rereading In a Sunburned Country, which is, as always, fucking brilliant. Once I’m done, I’m moving on to Wolves of the Calla, which is a big fatty book and should be fun.

OK, my cat is being rumbly, as is my belly. Time to find some clothes and some food.

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