Having to get up and go to work when your friends are all off sucks. That’s my statement for the day.

Last night was Christmas with the kids – wonderful. We had food from around the world, including curry, latkes, fondue, and Danish cabbage – food enough for an army. The stockings were hung by the piano with care, and filled with all sorts of goodies. The cats went crazy with all the new toys – they didn’t know what to play with first (or next). Shawn got me Pirates of the Caribbean, some pirate gold, and The Morning Star – pretty pretty. I gave him Six String Samurai, which he has been looking for this fall, and his scarf, which isn’t finished. I gave him the remaining skein of yarn, then took out the actual scarf when he was done opening. There were lots of Lord of the Rings goodies – Trivial Pursuit for me, chess for him, a puzzle for everyone. Sarah and Hannah got random books, food, and yogurt makers (H). We put the puzzle together until late, a wine glass broke spectacularly, and I crashed pretty hard as soon as I got home. A really nice night.

So tonight we’re heading to Carlinville to party LOTR-style at Matt’s place. It’ll be interesting – no one knows we’re coming other than Matt. The only other people I know at this party are two of Sarah’s exes, so we’ll see how that goes. I’m hoping for food, champagne, and a sweet kiss at midnight.

Cats seem to be doing OK. I devised a campaign to keep my bedroom door closed, and it seems to be working, though it means there’s no circulation and my room is cold. Right now the cats are pouncing on each other from the couch to the floor, jingling all the while.

Tomorrow maybe I’ll post my resolutions and my top reads for the year. Tonight I’m just going to celebrate. Happy 2004, kids.

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