Holidays on Ice

Home after a nice and long weekend. I’m totally fucked as far as the day of the week, and that’s OK with me. Holidays in the middle of the week never work out well for general comprehension.

A nice weekend. To recap:

Wednesday: arrived in Rockford around 4 and chilled with Jen until around 5, when we picked up Newman and joined my family for church (#1). Corn chowder and games after church, including Team Baby Jesus. After a brief liquor adventure, Sarah and Mary J joined us at Jen’s, where we drank wine and hung out until midnight mass (#2). Came home to find Jen and Cass sick as dogs, so crashed pretty quickly. Haven’t shared a bed with Newman since Edinburgh, but we managed.

Thursday: dragged the still-sick Jen to the parentals for Christmassy goodness. I got (among other things) a laptop (which hasn’t arrived), a microwave, Hello Kitty towels (from Coo), and lovely soft flannel sheets. My bed is made with clean sheets, but I’m thinking about changing them. 🙂 Jen gave me a Hello Kitty pirate shirt – well, Cass gave it to Dana, then realized her mistake and I got it later. Some hanging out, then dinner at Oscar’s. Yes, we had pizza at a bar for Christmas dinner. Watched Finding Nemo (sooo cute), then sat up late talking about sex and love and purpose.

Friday: slept in late, then had lunch at Beef-a-Roo. Quite nearly heckled the mint girl for old times’ sake. Some self-Christmas shopping at Barnes & Noble, then Newman hung out at Jen’s while I went to AMCORE to visit my old friends. Half an hour turned into an hour and a half, and the kids met me at Mary’s Market for dinner. Talked to Nicki & Cory for a while, hung out at Jen’s, then met Stalker Dan and his new girlie at the Carlyle Brewing Company – ended up at The Office, where a random man took his pants off and I was hit on by a woman who kicked her chair back from the bar and said “Where have you been all my life?” A really fun night – Dan’s Sara is hilarious, and I’ve really missed Dan.

Saturday: stood up for breakfast by Kevin but had a nice meal at the North End Cafe anyway. Hit the road around 10 and had lunch in Davenport with the family. Got home around 5 and napped until dinner time. Met Ria at the Tumbler – she looks GREAT and it was so nice to hang out. Back to Oscar’s, then EliXur, where we ran into Dan and Sara again. Had a great time despite it being EliXur – I’m glad we went out.

Sunday: breakfast with Jen at IHOP, where our waitress messed up. Finished my laundry at the house, then put Newman on the bus back to the OP. Picked up the cats from Nate – he was civil, but barely. Joe and Dave were there, so it was nice to see them. Hit the road about 2 after allowing Coo and Mark to terrorize the cats a bit – Coo, when told to put some clothes on so he could come see the cats, went outside wearing nothing but underpants and his jacket. Now it’s been unseasonably warm lately – but it was still a little ridiculous and v cute. Got home around 5 and have been unwinding since – unpacking, letting the cats check things out, putting away Christmas presents. I meant to write my thank you notes and maybe finish my remaining present-work, but instead I took a bath and talked to Sarah while she drove – now am thinking about reading a bit, then crashing early.

I’m so glad I got to go home, even though it doesn’t feel so much like home any more. I miss hanging out with Jen the most, I think. Shawn comes home tomorrow – I’m looking forward to seeing him. This is the longest I’ve gone without seeing him since before I moved, so that’s been different. I think I missed him just about the right amount.

What a nice break.

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