A quiet weekend. You know how when life goes back to normal after lots of excitement there’s sometimes that feeling of let down? I guess that’s the best way to describe how I’m feeling. The pressure of NaNo is off, I don’t really have anything going except work, and I think that’s getting me down. It’s an odd thing to complain about, I know, but that’s the way I am. So I’m keeping busy and just getting through.

Shawn and Michelle both finished their NaNovels. Sarah came close, and I dropped out before 30,000. Not sure how the rest of the Champaign kids did.

Finally got a chance to watch Million Dollar Hotel this weekend. I was pretty obsessed with the movie in London but somehow never got around to watching it. I liked it a lot. Not sure if I’d recommend it for everyone, but it’s definitely a quality bit of film. “The heart is a sleeping beauty and love the only kiss it can’t resist. Even if its eyes lay open wide, there is a heart that sleeps inside. And it’s to there you must be hastening. For all hearts dream, they dream only of awakening.”

Ummm, what else. Played lots of YoHoHo Puzzle Pirates – watched Monsters Inc (adorable) and Femme Fatale (sketchy) – wrote some letters – finished my latest knitting project – slept and lounged around a lot – didn’t bother getting dressed until almost 10 (pm, that is). I guess that’s it. I’m just – blah.


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