There and back again

I survived the holiday and the drive without much ado. Left here at 7:30 in Davenport around 10:30 family arrived shortly thereafter – dinner around 2 – going through clothes while the kids played – reading and talking and knitting and eating – left Dav around 5:30 back home with tickets to Return of the King by 8:30. No email AT ALL today – however did find a randomly hidden comment on the old site, which was exciting. Missing my down-here friends as they’re all with family in various places – Newman and Jen bowed out of visiting due to finances – and I think I just lost at my NaNo quest. I have three days to write in excess of 22,000 words in three days and with no plot or character development in mind, it simply isn’t going to happen. You can read my review of my novel, however.. A long, boring, and lonely weekend stretches out in front of me. At least I got to see my family. I forgot how much I adore and miss them.

Oh, and pies may be nice (see 11/15 entry), but if I eat one more piece of any kind of pie in the near future I really might explode and thus have to swear off pies for life. Don’t make me do it.


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