It’s Wednesday but feels like Friday – I didn’t get much sleep, and I’m feeling random. Work is slooooooooow with all the students gone – my friends are leaving town today for their various destinations – I have a novel to write and nothing coming. I could leave for Iowa tonight, but that doesn’t seem like a real option. Newman was supposed to join us for Thanksgiving but will instead be staying home – unless my hare-brained scheme comes to fruition. I would love to do anything I could to have her with us – but I don’t know if I’m up for all the driving.

SO, instead of playing at work or writing, here’s my on-the-fly Christmas list:
a microwave
a tv bigger than a toaster (seriously, my toaster is bigger than the tv I have right now)
The Fellowship of the Ring extended edition
The Two Towers extended edition
a non-stick skillet
a serrated Wusthof knife
Tori’s Tales of a Librarian
anything by Elliott Smith
my kitties
a cute ankle-length black skirt that is work appropriate
tickets to see Damien some time soon


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