The Friday Five:
1. List five things you’d like to accomplish by the end of the year.

    Finish my grad school application.
    Pay my therapy bill.
    Finish my NaNo novel.
    Do my Christmas shopping.
    Buy either a boxspring or a couch.

2. List five people you’ve lost contact with that you’d like to hear from again.

    Melissa Kellerhals.
    Allen Wiser-Amos.
    Brett Pierce.
    Trevor Gilchrist.
    Tim Johnson.

3. List five things you’d like to learn how to do.

    Grow a successful garden.
    Ballroom dance.
    Speak Spanish.
    Do my hair.
    Make a relationship work.

4. List five things you’d do if you won the lottery (no limit).

    Work only when I wanted to, doing things that make me happy.
    Live in Europe for a while. Maybe New Zealand too.
    Buy everything on my Amazon wish list – and then some.
    Buy a new pretty-pretty Audi.
    Buy a house for all my kids so we can live in communal bliss. Or something.

5. List five things you do that help you relax.

    Drink tea
    Take baths.
    Walk in my park.
    Play with Sarah and Hannah’s kitties – Elijah, you’re my boy!

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