Sitting around listening to David Gray and procrastinating. It’s late, and I should be asleep. Actually, I should be making satay, THEN sleeping. Instead I’m doing neither.

Went to a talk by the kid(s) behind FOUND Magazine tonight – it was damned funny. Apparently they have a book coming out in the spring, which I will definitely have to buy.

It’s been raining most of the day – cold, wet, fall rain. I walked from work to the Art & Design building for the talk tonight as the rain pelted my face, my hair, my clothes, soaking me to the bone. It felt like London again – the dark wet streets, the constant rain, the smile I couldn’t wipe off my face. I didn’t mind the cold and the wet – just, the rain on my face making me happy and peaceful.

I love the rain so much, even when it’s dismal. I love walking in the rain in the summertime – walking in the rain hand in hand, stopping to kiss in the downpour. I love the sound of rain outside my window as I go to sleep. I love the cool breezes that prick my skin during a storm.

And I love the way love is like a downpour, the way love pricks my skin, the way love brings soft noises to lull me to sleep. I want my kiss to linger like the summer rain.


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