phone update

The earliest I will have a phone is Monday 13 October. Grr. Grr grr grr. So continued internet leeching for me. Thank you Sarah and the CPL for your continued support. 🙂
It’s been a really nice week, work notwithstanding. Really, it’s not bad. It isn’t. It’s just, well, work. My apartment is terrific and odd – I’m getting settled and had friends over for dinner last night, which was fun. Nice having people around, in and out, spending time together. I feel like I have a ready-made family here, which is so so wonderful.
On a side note, Elijah and Lilith are being ridiculously cute. Also, Shawn was apparently part of the brilliant 2003 All City Wiffle Ball Champs. Good for him.
Back to work. I will write more when I can – and call all of you when I can as well. It may just be a few days.


No phone = no internet = desperate internet leech girl. Right now I’m hanging out at the Champaign Public Library – they might not have hired me but at least they can give me free internet. Moving weekend was eventful and fun but not without its frustrations. More when I have more time. Missing you all….

this is it!

In 14 minutes I will be unemployed and on my way to new things. What sort of craziness is this? I’m breathless with anticipation and fear and excitement and all those things that are inherent to a major life change. Thanks for coming along for the ride.