the interweb

“the truth is i bleed you
when these frequencies cut me
i’m a slut with a mission
a singular vision
i radio heaven
i get mixed signals
i move the antenna
i switch the channels—“I Radio Heaven,” Over the Rhine

I find it amazing that I can always find something to do on the interweb, no matter how long or short my time frame. I heart the interweb – and it will be in my own home NEXT SATURDAY! What joy!
Meat Fest 03 was a terrific success – Sarah and I made applesauce, two kinds of bread, pork chops in a cider sauce, chicken stuffed with feta, sun-dried tomatoes, and pesto, and my grandma’s famous mashed potatoes. We prepped a couple of pies but didn’t get around to baking them – maybe this afternoon. Nicole and Jody joined us – Missy and Amity couldn’t make it. 😦 Lots of food, lots of wine, some random stalking of the Picadilly guy, inappropriate questions, Yahtzee, and so much laughter. A terrific evening.
I’m totally in love with Over the Rhine‘s Films for Radio. They didn’t have it at Best Buy this morning – I may have to order. Wow.


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