quiet night

It’s Friday night and I’m hanging out at Sarah and Hannah’s, doing laundry and monitoring Acadia while Sarah is at work and Hannah is en route to Philly. It’s v quiet here, which is nice.
I came to the realization that one of the things I really miss about Rockford is the FOOD. Yes, there’s remarkable food down here – and lots of it – but these are the things/places I miss:
Bacchus – creme brulee and $2 cosmos for pub quiz
Basil Cafe – swordfish, wow! and their bread…
Beef-a-Roo – ultimate chicken club and cheddar fries
Cafe Patou – tortellini and a roll dipped in the crazy house dressing
Genghis Khan – James’s crazy buffet stir-fry with the sauce of your own making
India House – mm, naan
Mary’s Market – coffee every day for years
A Movable Feast – the basil sandwich, tomato dill soup, and a key lime square
Nippon – my first introduction to sushi and the designated birthday place for years
Thai Cuisine – nevermind the cockroach, eat the satay!
The Rose – tortellini or wild mushroom crepes with asparagus
Uncle Nick’s – best late night food EVER – best 90c lunch as well
This should be a good weekend. Hannah’s in Philly, Shawn’s in Missouri. Mark’s home in Rockford (eating at Nippon, if you must know). Sarah and I are going to have a Festival of Meat tomorrow along with Jody, Nicole, and Amity. Sunday is the first NaNo gathering down here. Somewhere in there I hope to make applesauce and homemade bread – get some reading done – finish cleaning and arranging my apartment – etc. Right now I’m content with a fuzzy helicopter in my lap. Awwh, Elijah, I love you too. I didn’t mean it when I said I was breaking up with you. You’re still my one true love.


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