There are two obnoxious small children at the computer next to mine. About every 2-3 minutes they will yell for the librarian (or at each other). As far as I can tell, the only reason they’re using the computers is so they can watch cartoons. Somehow going to the library to watch cartoons seems to be missing the point.
Work’s OK. It’s a job. I need to get more practical shoes – my wicked sexy interview shoes (OK, maybe they look like they belong to a Pilgrim) just aren’t practical for hours on my feet. A few more days in training, then on to the campus branch and my real job. I would say it will be interesting, but I have little faith in that.
My wall projects are awesome. I will post photos when I can, I promise. I made a makeshift memo board out of my entire living room wall – it doesn’t look as nice, but it’s definitely fun. And then there’s the postcard wall which makes me smile with its radiant weirdness. Up next, the wall of mirrors.
The Matrix Reloaded came out today, which is HOT HOT HOT. Now if only I can find a free DVD player….
Not much else to report, I guess. There’s so much in my life right now but I’m at a loss as to where to begin. Still no phone at home – I’ve decided to tell AT&T to take a flying leap and have signed up for digital cable instead. We’ll see how that works out. Should be a quiet week – nothing on the books til my meeting with NaNo Robby on Friday and the Celebration of Meat with Sarah this weekend while Hannah’s away. Last week was very full – dinner with Sarah and Shawn on Tuesday at my place. Dinner at Sarah’s Wednesday, then drinking coffee and reading until late late. Dinner with Hannah and the MFA poetry reading Thursday. Moonstruck meeting with NaNo Robby, reading, then random Bento boxes with Shawn Friday night (including the largest shrimp ever) followed by lovely hanging out, Dirty Pretty Things and Pulp Fiction. Saturday was gorgeous and unstructured – Jen and Joe and Russ and IBM in for the party – wandering around my sunny neighborhood, then dinner and the party and random head explosions. A Super Bacon Chicken Burger at the Happy Wanderer with Shawn Sunday, then pathetic begging as I had no hot water – somehow got suckered into watching my first Law & Order episode as well – playing with House of Leaves til late and not waking up alone. Monday a day of freedom and blues, then back to work.

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