phone update

The earliest I will have a phone is Monday 13 October. Grr. Grr grr grr. So continued internet leeching for me. Thank you Sarah and the CPL for your continued support. šŸ™‚
It’s been a really nice week, work notwithstanding. Really, it’s not bad. It isn’t. It’s just, well, work. My apartment is terrific and odd – I’m getting settled and had friends over for dinner last night, which was fun. Nice having people around, in and out, spending time together. I feel like I have a ready-made family here, which is so so wonderful.
On a side note, Elijah and Lilith are being ridiculously cute. Also, Shawn was apparently part of the brilliant 2003 All City Wiffle Ball Champs. Good for him.
Back to work. I will write more when I can – and call all of you when I can as well. It may just be a few days.


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