I don’t know if I’ve ever been this tired in my entire life. My whole body feels drained – emotionally, physically, mentally. I just want to sleep for days on end. I’m wondering if some of this is Lexapro withdrawal. I don’t want to – but maybe I should start taking it again just until my life is a little more stable.
Going to Madison to see Dave Attell and Lewis Black in Madison tonight. I’m going to have to go home and sleep before we go – the show isn’t until 10:30 and there’s NO way I’ll make it otherwise.
On the bright side, I do officially have a lease – and a phone number and long distance. While signing up for long distance I found out exactly what all those calling card calls are going to cost me – HOLY FUCK – but I’ll deal with that bill when it comes. Now I’m doing fun things like making lists of Things To Do in preparation for the move. A little preemptive, I know, but I’ll feel better if things are (relatively) in order. At the top of the list for the week of 9/29/03: MOVE. And for those keeping track, a countdown clock, courtesy of my friend Clint.


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