I turned in my notice at work today. I’m terrified. My boss was really terrific – she knew it was coming and said “Oh no!” when I asked if she had a minute. I just sent out an email to the department and my other friends here letting them know – and everyone’s been great so far. It’s just scary, flinging myself at uncertainty. I know it will be beautiful though.

Questions from Sarah. At some point I’m going to STOP asking for interviews.
1. What is your favorite memory of me?
Wow. One of my favorite memories would have to be the many nights we spent playing hide and go seek with Jason and Dustin et al – lying in the grass in my front yard, staring at the stars, just being. And the morning before the wedding when I was so hung over and sick and you gave me a letter you’d written the night before, talking about how much you loved me, how much you admired my capacity to love – and I just cried. And our moves the last three months – helping you into your house with Hannah – you helping me pack, first for the house, then out of the house. I feel like we’re so much closer now than we were even three months ago. So no, I can’t pick just one.
2. Where do you see yourself in ten years?
If you’d asked me this question six months ago, my answer would’ve been dramatically different. I really don’t know. All of the things I thought I wanted in my life – that I thought I would have by that time – have now been brought into question. I would like to be living somewhere beautiful (urban/suburban/not quite rural) with a partner I adore and cats and books and laughter and lots of light. I would like to have found a career I love – an office of my own – again, books and light and laughter and fulfillment. Maybe I’ll have a child. I hope to be traveling and reading and cooking and writing and thinking and loving and laughing. I hope to bring joy to the people around me. I hope to be – happy.
3. If you could remind me of one thing you know I’ve forgotten from the last ten years, what would it be?
Oh Lord. So now I’m supposed to know you as well as I know myself – AND know what you’ve forgotten? Hmm. God, I don’t know. Remember the first time we went to Java Bean? Nothing in particular sticks out about that trip other than the feeling that we were exceptionally grown up and special because we went to a coffee shop on our own. What a nice feeling. I’m still discovering that.
4. Why do you want to come to grad school?
I want to come to grad school because I need to be engaged in intellectual pursuits. I want to come to grad school because I need to surround myself with people who think. I want to come to grad school because , while I’ve resisted it for two years, I really think academia is part of my calling. I want to come to grad school to wrestle out what that calling is and entails. I want to come to grad school because, really, I enjoy being overeducated (but not necessarily underpaid).
5. What fruit does chalk not write on?
Pears? What a strange question. I really have no idea. I give up.
6. Who is your favorite poet? (Justify if you feel the need)
I read so little poetry – I have read so little poetry – that answering this question seems a bit false. I’m going to have to say TS Eliot – though I really love this poem by Robert Herrick. Good question! I am a sad, sad English major.
7. What is your favorite moment from the last two months?
There have been so many. I would have to go with either Sunday afternoon, sitting around reading and drinking tea and talking and playing with the fuzzy lumpkins and just being – or the hour or two before the housewarming party, featuring three dips in three food processors simultaneously AND the lovefest. “Your hair looks so pretty!” “No, YOUR hair looks so pretty.” So happy. So silly. So us.
8. What’s the first thing you’re going to cook in your new apartment?
Either homemade tomato bisque and grilled cheese sandwiches – or a proper meal: roast chicken, Grandma’s fab mashed potatoes and a pie. I suppose that depends on if I’m cooking just for me – or for company.
9. What do you need from me?
Everything I need, I have. The depth of your love and support amazes me. You amaze me. I need you to need me – to love me – to do all the things that come naturally to you after all these years.


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