A lovely weekend of reading and friends and sunshine and cats and movies and free free free books. My stack in Sarah and Hannah’s garage is growing ever-larger. Makes me happy. I have probably one carload left at Nate’s, then furniture.
Interview today with Busey Bank. I’m not a career banker, but it would pay the bills. Maybe. We’ll see. Still no word from the CPL, but I did hear from the landlord about the apartment I love. As long as I have a good cosigner, I’m in!
A busy day at work – well, not inordinately busy. Dan and I wrote up a WHOLE LOT of transfers, only for me to discover that there was a lot of overlap in what we did – so about half the transfers didn’t actually have to be written up – at least not by both of us. Damn my aching shoulders. At least we get free food tomorrow.
Still not quite done with The Drawing of the Three, but if I have ANY chance to read tonight, I’ll finish. I meant to finish it Thursday night but watched the extended edition of Fellowship of the Ring. Mmm, Aragorn.
So I revealed this weekend that I can’t multiply, I’m awful at Scrabble, and I am on occasion late for social engagements due to Lord of the Rings. And somehow I still have friends? How does that work?


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