I’m really hoping this weekend is boring. I hope that’s not too much to ask. After the last couple of weeks, I think I deserve a day or two off.

We’re fully out of the apt. It was really anticlimactic – I cleaned the one spot Mark mentioned, I asked if he needed me to do anything else, we talked about the deposit – and that was it. Again, hard to leave a place where one has been happy, even if you’re going somewhere better. It was just a flood of memories as we walked down the stairs and out the door – made even more poignant because I know I won’t be going back to that place. When we moved out of 130 we knew that Jen was moving in, so the actual flood of emotion was delayed a bit. She’s moving out in a couple of weeks – so I’ll have to say my goodbyes again, but a year’s distance separates me from all of that, so I think I’ll be OK. Memory is a really strange thing.

Our fridge arrived yesterday morning. Jen, dedicated porch monkey that she is, camped out at the house until it arrived, then sent me a series of very funny emails regarding her porch monkey duties. God, I love my sister.

But of course not everything could go smoothly. We had to have N’s junky Jeep towed – and as soon as we started for the house, it started pouring. Nate got to the house with the towing company, only to find that we had no power. On top of that, all of our windows were open. I left my car running in the alley, took Nate’s car around front, then tore through the house – soaking wet – closing windows. The trip from the back door to the garage was enough to soak me to the skin. We got the car taken care of, then had to mop up the house. Fortunately the only things that really got wet were a couple of blankets and one book – it could’ve been much much worse. I think the most frustrating thing was the lack of power – our neighbors on all sides had power, just not us. Oh well. It’s amazing how patient you become about these things after going without power for days at a time.

Sleep update: I actually slept soundly last night! Hooray! Maybe the temptation of the interweb has more to do with my sleepless nights than I thought. Or maybe reading about Kant was enough to do me in…

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