Subject #2 – Jen
Year of introduction – 1984
Fact of Some Note – I was the only one who thought Jen would be a girl.

I met Jen in 1984. I really can’t tell you much about our introduction – I just remember being at the house with Grandma and Mark while Mom was at the hospital. I don’t know if we were allowed to go see her, being four and three, respectively. Our relationship has changed significantly over the last 19 years – especially in the last two or three years. When we were small we didn’t get along at all – and Mark and I were terrible about teasing her. As adults (or what passes for adults), we’ve grown really close and our relationship is the envy of many.

A few choice Jen anecdotes:
When Jen was four, she really, really, really wanted a blue puppy. I don’t know if anyone had told her that dogs don’t normally come in blue. About 12 years later I finally gave her a blue dog.
During her senior year, Jen was up for “Clip of the Day” on one of our local TV station’s evening show. My coworkers and I spent the entire day clicking on the link to vote for her volleyball prowess. The prize? A six foot party sub, which she never got.
Jen and I were there when our brother Eric was born. Apparently my dad thought that having us girls there for the “miracle of birth” would persuade us never to have sex. It didn’t work.
After she quit prom and graduated from high school, Jen came to work with me. A few months later, she moved into our old apartment when we moved to a new place. So, for almost a year, we were coworkers and neighbors, as well as sisters and friends. People at our workplace begged to be included in our family.

Some things I love about her:
She has been loyal and supportive of me, even if she doesn’t always understand my actions.
We can be totally silly together, yet still sit up all night talking about the things that matter.
She is a super divalicious fashion consultant.
She misguidedly loves Orlando Bloom, even though he looks like a bunny.
She is the best porch monkey and sister anyone could ask for.


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